ProactEye Cloud Access Security Broker Releases Version 2.0

cloudaccess security brokerPune, India – May 12, 2016: ProactEye Cloud Access Security Broker is proudly ready with better cyber space security, along with bigger worries for cyber criminals. Raising the stakes, ProactEye Cloud Access Security Broker has released its Version 2.0 which is stronger and with additional tools to make your cyber security better than ever.

The enhanced features include enhanced Security Monitoring Dashboard to identity Risks and Threats, along with Security Policies Enhancement with RISK Adaption. New features include Privileged Identity Management (PIM) addition in the Activity Monitoring. It also features Support for Amazon ADMIN Logs, along with Risk notifications.

In Version 2.0, Proacteye Cloud Access Security Broker has launched integrated Privileged Identity Management (PIM) with Activity Monitoring functionality. This integration protects the applications against Insider Threats and Data Theft. With this launch Proacteye has become the only proud vendor to offer integrated solution to shield, manage, log and monitor all privileged accounts. PIM caters to all special requirements of powerful accounts within the IT infrastructure of an enterprise.

Proacteye Cloud Access Security Broker has enhanced security monitoring dashboard. This dashboard has been designed to enable both security and fraud teams to visualize and analyze millions of user web sessions. Visualization and analysis help to identify cybercrime threats, business logic abuse, fraudulent activities and privileged account monitoring in real time. New dashboard has been engineered to enable organizations to isolate cyber-criminal activity from legitimate online customers quickly.

Proacteye Security Policy with Adaptive risks is a foolproof fraud detection platform. It leverages risk-based, multi-factor authentication to protect users accessing websites, online portals, mobile browsers and mobile applications.

Adaptive risk module can analyze multiple risk indicators and identify suspicious user activity if any. Using a dynamic risk and rules-based approach, Adaptive risk policies can initiate requests for additional identity verification through a variety of methods, such as geographical location and time base login policies, for sessions that are high-risk and violate a policy.

ProactEye Cloud Access Security Broker now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) logs. This module can be used to view CloudTrail events by region.

AWS CloudTrail is a web service that records AWS API calls for user account and delivers log files to the user.

Users can also filter out irrelevant events and quickly list the events they are interested in. ProactEye AWS module helps to combine log files from CloudTrail with the operating system of users’ devices or application logs. Once these events are ingested, ProactEye Cloud Access Security Broker enables users to perform quick searches on vast amounts of data, correlate events from multiple sources and create the dashboards on the data, as per the requirements of the users.

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About ProacEye

ProactEye Cloud Access Security Broker is the Security Behavioural Analytics Platform. It detects & prevents fraud, data leaks and advanced inner as well as outer attacks and Big Data.

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ProactEye Listed Among TOP 10 Pitched Products at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016

1 IMG_0525Pune, INDIA – Mar 17, 2016: As promised, ProactEye did display its power and efficiency at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016. Not only ProactEye proved itself as a useful product at the conclave, it also got listed among best products useful for every investor.

Team ProactEye is proud to announce that at the conclave, ProactEye was listed among “Top 10 Products to pitch in front of investor panel.” The pitch session had been organized by CIO Angel Network (CAN). After an initial briefing conducted by CAN, presenters could indulge in one on one pitch with the Investors with a ten minutes time limit.

The Engineering Team and Sales Team of ProactEye showcased ProactEye to people attending the conclave that impressed everybody. Engineering Team conducted the presentation about how ProactEye can protect enterprises from cyber threats and online fraud regarding cloud applications and big data.

Team ProactEye also met various security experts and top level executives. Exchange of thoughts regarding data leakage happened with talks about strategies that could minimize the risks of customer data loss and frauds. Thoughts were shared about going beyond firewall to overcome the problems of data leakage, cyber fraud and advanced threats targeting internal applications, hosted applications and cloud applications used by various industries like IT, Retail and E-Commerce. Overall security was a primary concern for all IT decision makers.

Mentioning the existing as well as possibly upcoming Internal & External Threats to the cloud applications and data, Proactye Engineering Team listed and discussed the Next-Generation security solutions against all kinds of threats.

This was a new moment for Team ProactEye to present its services to a new audience. ProactEye promises to keep you safe from cyber threats and protect your data via ProactEye Access Broker, ProactEye Identity Management Service and ProactEye Data Leakage Detection & Prevention Service.

About ProacEye

ProactEye is a security behavioural intelligence platform with Contextual Access Security Broker to detect & prevent fraud, data leaks and advanced inner as well as outer attacks for applications and big data.

ProactEye prevents advanced cyber threats by using behaviour patterns to protect applications which are on the cloud, whether internal or external. ProactEye monitors the applications activities apart from averting cyber threats.  ProActeye inbuilt adaptive access control is a form of context-aware access control that acts to balance the level of trust against risk at the moment of access using combination of trust elevation and other dynamic risk mitigation techniques.  ProActeye provides Access Control, Identity Management, Privilege Activity monitoring and Data Leakage prevention as a single solution.

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ProactEye To Be Showcased At NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016

banner2Pune, INDIA – Mar 7, 2016: The power of cyber security is all set to be on the display for everyone to see as ProactEye is going to be on display at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016 on 17 MAR 2016.

At the event, ProactEye will showcase its Access Security Broker, Identity Management Service and Data Leakage Detection Service.

ProactEye Access Security Broker is a security layer that leverages Identity as a Service (IDaaS) to provide inside-app visibility, governance, data protection and a host of other essential security features.

ProactEye Identity Management is an administrative area that deals with identifying individuals in a system (an enterprise) and controlling their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.

ProactEye Data Leakage Detection is defined as attempts to detect and prevent the leakage of data comprising of company information or customer information.

ProactEye looks forward to introducing all visitors to India‘s First Intelligent Security Behaviour Analytics & Access Security Broker at the conclave.

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About ProacEye

ProactEye is the Security Behavioural Intelligence Platform for Applications to detect & prevent fraud, data leaks and advanced inner as well as outer attacks. It is an Intelligent Security Behaviour Analytics Service and Access Security Broker Service. ProactEye detects and prevents fraud, Data Leaks and Advanced Internal as well as External Attack in real time for Applications and Big Data.

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Why Pharma needs Access Security Broker to protect their data

Access Security Broker to protect their dataPharmaceutical industry is the industry of medicines and health-drugs. Safety of medicine is necessary in order to prevent theft and black marketing.

However, apart from medicines, pharmaceutical firms also need to protect their data which comprises of company patents, documents of production rights etc.

Due to Advanced Data Security Services, pharmaceutical marketers can offer modern, personalized marketing content that will help them get their message across to the right people, but remain health insurance related laws compliant at the same time.

The identity management service of ProactEye can be helpful in keeping a track of what section of pharmaceutical database is accessible to a particular employee and what section is not.

Access security broker protects data

ProactEye Access Security Broker is a more secure way of protecting data as it ensures select access to select users. Another key advantage of Access Security Broker is that it instils more productivity in the work environment as users can afford to be care-free about remembering dozens of usernames and passwords.

Every application that stores data like documents of intellectual property rights and patents is password protected. For Pharma industry, ProactEye Access Security Broker can protect the documents and data about stock of medicines, raw materials information and recipes, documents of production rights and contacts with medicine retailers.

Creating user accounts for application access and deleting the accounts of former employees in a pharmaceutical firm is a time consuming task. With Access Security Broker both of these tasks can be accomplished within a short time.

The key features of access security brokers include single sign-on (to protect passwords and authorize multiple sign-in at the same time), two-factor authentication (for extra security), access management (to list all rules and regulations regarding access to the applications), and syncing of contextual policies.

Identity Management scrutinizes users accessing data

Having ProactEye Identity Management system helps the user fulfil the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, time and repetitive tasks.

ProactEye Identity Management has the potential to provide greater access to organizations, which can drive productivity, satisfaction and, ultimately, revenue.

With ProactEye Identity Management, it is easy to track the activity of every user and check if any user is trying to indulge into unauthorized access.

ProactEye Identity Management helps users with provisioning the identity for an organization or an individual working in an organization at a lower cost. It also helps them to reduce the additional cost regarding de-provision an identity. ProactEye‘s Identity Management makes this cost-effective.

Apart from Identity Provisioning and De-provisioning, ProactEye‘s Identity Management offers the feature of multiple identity management in case a user has been assigned different accounts for access to different applications. Lastly, directory authentication adds ease to securing the applications as ProactEye‘s Identity Management grants permission to access a resource or application. It also confirms the access to application being by the right user is authentication. For example, when a user changes the password, the ProactEye Identity Management tool of authenticates the user, confirming that he/she has the right to change password.

About Us

ProactEye is a security behavioural intelligence platform to detect & prevent fraud, data leaks and advanced inner as well as outer attacks for applications and big data.

ProactEye guarantees foolproof protection against fraud, data leakage and threats targeting internal, hosted & cloud applications. It helps you to customize access control, figure out the degree of protection your servers have or need and lastly, detect and prevent all kinds of cyber threats. ProactEye can perfectly counter fraud and data leakage.

ProactEye’s proactive intelligence monitoring secures critical infrastructure, data and achieves maximum availability of your critical assets. It delivers fast, cost-effective monitoring and automated alerting for the entire critical infrastructure stack.

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